February 2024 DJ

DJ Stefanie Phillips is a crucial pioneer of the San Francisco dance music scene, bringing her irresistible energy and fierce passion to the city’s best clubs for more than three decades.

As house music was making its way into the clubs, Stefanie was one of the first DJs to play it in SF. She helped define the sound not only of the Castro—where she held longtime residencies at legendary spots The Detour and the Cafe—but San Francisco, with residencies held all over the city including at two of its most famous clubs, 1015 Folsom and the EndUp.

Launching her DJ career in 1986 at South of Market club Baybrick Inn, Stefanie was soon spinning at iconic venues like the Trocadero, the I-Beam, DNA Lounge, Sound Factory, Townsend, The Fillmore, The Stud, along with the infamous underground warehouse parties. Her sets attracted all-night dancers, wild club kids, and celebrities alike.

With a welcoming sound and deep knowledge of dance music history, Stefanie’s sets span classic funk to progressive house, and are individually crafted for dance floors of every kind. Her decades of experience can take crowds on a true journey through the classics, past and present. Currently, she holds a longtime residency at the LookOut’s packed Sunday tea dance in the Castro, and is a member of the Housetechnicians DJ Collective.

“I’m passionate about life, and try to bring that passion to my sets,” Stefanie says. “I like to keep it fresh, so I never ‘plan’ my sets—other than having a vision ultimately of what vibe I would like to achieve. I let the crowd be my guide.”

You can hear her afternoon at San Francisco Flagging in the Park https://www.mixcloud.com/dj_stefanie_phillips/dj-stefanie-phillips-live-at-flagging-in-the-park-jim-hopkins-remaster/

Here is a recent t-dance set https://www.mixcloud.com/dj_stefanie_phillips/rec_20230917_1wav/