November 2018 DJs

Luc Benech
Luc’s DJ career started on the island of St. Croix in the US virgin island under the guidance of DJ Christopher Keefe. There he spun the monthly Planet Q roving parties from 1990 – 1996. Since then he has played across the country as a fixture while living in Boston and a musical force across Southern California and the world since moving to Palm Springs in 1999, including the Tom of Finland Black parties and the first US DJ to play the Amsterdam White party.
Listen to Luc’s Set by clicking here

Peter Barona
Peter began his musical journey early in life while watching his mother teach piano to young music lovers. From that time on, he was drawn to music as a life force and infused it with his Cuban roots. He decided to become a DJ in the late seventies and trained under some of the most well-known club mixers in Los Angeles at that time. In the past thirty years, Peter has played in clubs all over the country and Canada, projecting onto every set that a celebration of life and love defines a great party.