November 2019 – Michael Duretto

Michael Duretto is considered by many to be one of the nations most respected, experienced and technically gifted DJs. Subjectivity aside, Michael won the West Hollywood Best DJ award in 2000 and was, again, nominated for Best DJ in 2001. Michael held the prestigious role as late night resident DJ for the legendary private membership night club, Probe in Los Angeles, for six continuous years. The next year and a half, he held the highly sought-after position as resident late-night DJ at LA circuit favorite, Icon, followed by a one-year residency at The Factory in West Hollywood.

Michael Duretto is no stranger to the national circuit as he has been privileged to headline some of the nation’s most honored events. Some Main Events to his credit: Motorball (Detroit), Vision @ Avalon (Los Angeles), Steel Party (Pittsburgh), Cherry Jubilee (Washington, D.C.), Halloween Masquerade Ball (New Orleans), L.A. One (Los Angeles), Hearts Ball (Chicago), Rites of Spring (Alabama), Labor Day L.A. (Los Angeles), White Party Sunset T-Dance (Palm Springs), Tom of Finland Butch Ball (New York), Altitude Pike Mountain T-Dance (Whistler), “Voyage 2” Pride (Atlanta), Splash (Austin), Alchemy (New York), Viva Las Vegas (Las Vegas), Hell Ball Morning Party (San Francisco). Add to his resume The Pavilion (Fire Island), Aftershock (San Francisco), SBNY (New York), Pier Dance (San Diego), Sanctuary (San Francisco), Resolution Pride (San Diego), Fresh @Ruby Skye 2nd Anniv. (San Francisco).

He has worked with performers such as “Sunscreem”, “Grace”, “Jennifer Holiday”, “Happy Clappers”, “Vernessa Mitchell”, “Lisa Frazier”, “Jeannie Tracy”, “Lonnie Gordon”, “Pat Hodges” RKM and “Pepper Mashay” to name a few. Through the years he has had the opportunity of headlining with exceptional DJ’s such as Susan Morabito, Warren Gluck, Buc, Abel, Manny Lehman, Phil B, Robbie Leslie, Lydia Prim, Michael Fierman, Mark Tarbox, Neil Lewis, Darrin Arrowood, Roland Belmares, Bryan Pfeifer, and Peter Rauhofer.

Michael’s first CD, EVOLUTION, was nationally released in April 2000 by Trax Recordings. It soon became evident that he would find himself back in the studio as record store demands for EVOLUTION grew. EVOLUTION TWO was released in April of 2001. Michael has received much praise for his creativity and originality on this project. In addition, Michael’s “White Party 2000” CD was in the top 5 selling Circuit CD’s for 2001 per the Party List CD sales through

Michael officially retired from DJing in 2005, but in 2019, he came out of retirement to play in select, special events.

FITD is beyond excited to have his incredible energy and epic music gracing our event on November 2nd.

March 2019 – The one and only DJ Jerry Bonham

Jerry Bonham has a DJ career that spans 40 years, With his start in Minneapolis at THE SALOON to a residency at the ICE PALACE on Fire Island and in NYC in 1979, his roots firmly are grounded in Disco. Jerry has played in most of the major clubs in San Francisco and held residencies at DREAMLAND, PLEASUREDOME, COLOSSUS and SPUNDAE. Globally, Jerry has traveled extensively, playing to crowds in Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, London and Peru to name a few. He has productions released on respected labels such as Bedrock, SAW, Vapour and Looq.  Jerry has a long pedigree that goes way back to 1976 and his love for music shines through not only in his fantastic sets of authentic Trocadero Disco but also in his contemporary sets, which always have a melodic soulful quality to them.

November 2018

Luc Benech
Luc’s DJ career started on the island of St. Croix in the US virgin island under the guidance of DJ Christopher Keefe. There he spun the monthly Planet Q roving parties from 1990 – 1996. Since then he has played across the country as a fixture while living in Boston and a musical force across Southern California and the world since moving to Palm Springs in 1999, including the Tom of Finland Black parties and the first US DJ to play the Amsterdam White party.
Listen to Luc’s Set by clicking here

Peter Barona
Peter began his musical journey early in life while watching his mother teach piano to young music lovers. From that time on, he was drawn to music as a life force and infused it with his Cuban roots. He decided to become a DJ in the late seventies and trained under some of the most well-known club mixers in Los Angeles at that time. In the past thirty years, Peter has played in clubs all over the country and Canada, projecting onto every set that a celebration of life and love defines a great party.