About FITD

Who we are

In 1997 a group of San Francisco flaggers started a tradition of celebrating life by gathering in the newly dedicated National AIDS Memorial Grove. Flagging in the Park (FITP) has since grown into a treasured event where DJs, organizers and participants donate their time, energy and love to help raise money for local and national charities.

With the so many in our community now calling Palm Springs home, 2018 was time to bring some of that magic to the desert. The Flagging in the Desert (FITD) family will continue many of the FITP traditions and share every donation collected during each event with our chosen beneficiaries.

For information about the history of flagging click here

Your Producers

Starting in 2018 Dave Eckert, Mike Richey, and Leif Wauters managed all the tasks for Flagging in the Desert. When Leif left us for New Zealand Jonathan Polly joined the team. Of course, we assemble a team of valuable volunteers to assist with the tasks on the day of the event and we appreciate all the support they provide. In 2021 we were honored as Favorite Event Producers.